• One-Time (individual).. $5
  • One-Time (2 People).....$8
  • Monthly Pass ............. $29

Make sure to call ahead to make a reservation for your class. Class sizes are limited and classes hit the maximum capacity often.

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Class Schedule

Tues / Thurs 9PM-10PM

Gravity Fit

Gravitopia GravityFit Instructors

Mix up your exercise routine with an intense cardio, strength, balance, agility, and flexibility trampoline workout like no other! Vertical motion workouts such as GravityFit trampoline workouts are much different, more fun, and actually more beneficial and efficient than horizontal motion workouts, such as jogging or running. According to the Well Being Journal, 20 minutes of rebounding is equal to 1 hour of running, from a cardiovascular perspective. It is easy on the joints and a gentle workout. Oh, and did we mention…rebounding burns up to 1,000 calories per hour!

The Well Being Journal also says that Rebounding is a better way to detoxify your body than normal grounded workouts because the vertical movement helps pump the flow in your lymphatic system to clear out metabolic waste from your cells. The lymph fluid moves through channels called “vessels” that are filled with one-way valves, so it always moves in the same direction. The main lymph vessels run up the legs, up the arms and up the torso. The vertical up-and-down movement of rebounding has been reported to increase lymph flow by 15-30 times. Rebounding also strengthens the immune system by increasing the activity of immune cells by up to 5 times. Come join us for a class or two and experience the benefits yourself!

Class Passes and Reservations

Drop-in classes are $13 per session (same as Open Jump), but if you like our awesome workouts and plan on coming 3 times or more in a month, the Class Pass is more affordable at only $29 for a 30-day pass. Make sure to call ahead to make a reservation for your class. Class sizes are limited and GravityFit classes hit the maximum capacity often.

What to Wear

Gravitopia GravityFit

Wear workout clothes that wick away sweat. Since some of the activities involve bouncing on your knees, pants or tights that cover the knee make your workout more comfortable. We will also use the pit in almost every class so tighter clothing is also better. For women, calf length formfitting yoga pants with a smaller or no flare will help you not to get stuck in the pit (and prevent them from falling down). Since we also bounce on our backs, sports bras are better than traditional bras so the clasp doesn't dig in. For men, workout shorts that go over the knee and have a draw string to help them stay up work well. Some men wear Under Armor tights under their shorts if their shorts fall above the knee. You may go barefoot or wear our gripper socks. “Grippy” socks are available for sale at the front counter. No shoes allowed.

What to Bring

We have lots of fun, so bring a smile and a friend and let's get fit while we play. Here are some other things you might want to bring.

Squeeze water bottle with a nipple or straw spout - Drink lots of water during and after your workout. Twist and open top water bottles are not prohibited, but are more likely to spill and cause a hazard. Water is allowed on the top deck along the railing or by couches, but not on the trampolines or green mats. A drinking fountain is also available by the bathrooms. Gatorade and other sports drinks must stay down in the lobby area below the stairs.
Sports Towel - If you sweat a lot, consider bringing a sports towel to dry off in between segments. Sweat on the trampoline can make it unexpectedly slippery.
Heart Monitors are encouraged - The class will either have a cardio section or interval training and heart monitors will help to keep you in your target. Your target heart rate for the cardio section should be at 60-80% which is calculated by 0.6 or 0.8*(220-your age). For most participants that falls between 120-160 beats per minute.
Sweats or Warm-ups - In cold weather, arrive and leave in a warm-up suit to keep those muscles warm.

When you arrive

  • Arrive about 10-15 min early to check-in and if it’s your first time, make sure your waiver is signed.
  • Remove all excess clothing, shoes, socks, necklaces, dangling earrings, cell phones, etc. and store them in the cubbies in the lobby. Jewelry can fall off in the pit never to be found again, so it’s better to take it off. Lockers are also available for rent for valuables.
  • Have a seat and warm your ankles up by drawing the ABC’s with each foot. Class will start promptly on the hour.